2011 SSCOA Recipient: PLAYGROUP (Echo Park)

We are very pleased to announce PLAYGROUP (Echo Park) as this years recipient of the Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award (SSCOA)!

On September 13, 2011 Soccer Shots will kick off the first of ten weeks of soccer and fun where each week around 20 children will experience the fun and excitement of Soccer Shots at PLAYGROUP! In addition to our Global Goals pledge, Soccer Shots Los Angeles seeks to give back to the local community in the form of the SSCOA which provides soccer at deserving schools in the community at no cost to the school or parents for an entire season. Each year we plan to give up to $10,000 of Soccer Shots! If you are interested in applying for a future SSCOA, please email losangeles(a)soccershots.org.

PLAYGROUP’s mission is to provide quality, affordable childcare for working families, and to promote children’s emotional, social and intellectual development in a safe and caring environment.

PLAYGROUP joins with families to prepare children for school and community life. PLAYGROUP values and teaches non-violence, cooperation, cultural diversity and the worth of all people.

EchoParkPlaygroup 2011 SSCOA Recipient: PLAYGROUP (Echo Park)

Tell us HOW Soccer Shots would benefit your children and WHY your school/site/program is deserving of the 2011 Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award.
We have a diverse parent and student base (economic, cultural, professional, etc.) that is likewise representative of our community as a whole.  And one of our main goals as a school is to build community among parents, neighbors and the children themselves.  

Soccer – as an energetic team sport – would be a true physical manifestation of working together – a fundamental of community building.

We also happen to be a modest school – small grounds and a student body of about 38.  The soccer camp would provide an opportunity to organize the children to a weekly trip to the nearby Elysian Park (where we would hold the soccer lessons).  Again, providing the opportunity for community building, locale awareness and downright fun!!

Many of our families are from low and modest incomes.  Enrolling in a soccer camp just isn’t possible in addition to preschool enrollment.  We’re also a non-profit school that has relied heavily on state grants in order to function.  With the past state budget cuts, we’ve steadily lost funding and as of this year, have to rely almost exclusively on enrollment fees.  To have the opportunity to expose children to a sport is a goal, but financially not possible at this time.

Finally – we’re eager to receive the award primarily because of all the greatness that comes with soccer.  

Team building, exposure to physical education and activity, parent involvement (parents would jump at watching their kids run after the ball!!) and a glimpse at physical and mental discipline.

 We really hope you consider us for your award.  We’d love to start the school year in September with the great opportunity of a fall soccer camp.

– Michelle M. (Parent at PLAYGROUP)

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