Why Soccer Shots Is Here In Los Angeles

AlyssaCharlie Why Soccer Shots Is Here In Los Angeles

Hi, my name is Alyssa Heim and I’m co-owner, with my husband Rian, of Soccer Shots in LA. We are 4 years strong and getting stronger! We are in over 65 preschools in the Los Angeles area!  Someone recently asked us why we decided to make Soccer Shots our family business.  We both wanted to run a business together that impacted youth in our local community. I come from a background in teaching youth at risk and constantly am reminded of the importance of providing a strong emotional and physical foundation for kids.  We both hold a strong belief that socialization skills and group activity are a vital part of the development of our youth as they learn and grow.  And Voila!  Soccer Shots LA was born!

And now that we have a child of our own, it’s not just a business…it’s an adventure!  Ha ha, ok it sounds corny but it really has become a way of life for us.  And we try to maintain that consistency in our work and our home life.   Ever since becoming a mom, (just over a year ago) I have tried my hardest to provide all things healthy for Charlie, such as breastfeeding, making all of his pureed baby foods out of organic fruits and vegetables and continuing to feed him all of the top quality foods with variety and different tastes and textures.  This philosophy will then continue into his physical activity.  But for now it’s play dates, toddler classes and a lot of trips to the park.  In the future I look forward to signing him up for Soccer Shots classes, trips to museums and chasing him around the zoo!

And that future is coming quickly now that Charlie is starting to walk (with a hand or a walker…or anything that moves!) It is so much fun for me to watch his excitement in accomplishing such a minor task as walking up and down our walkway.  It’s obvious that he looks at us for approval and a clap or cheer.  He’s not able to kick a ball yet, but it’s coming soon!  The size 3 soccer ball is constantly being tossed and rolled across our living room though. We want to duplicate that same positive experience, that sense of achievement in our students!  So we train our coaches on role modeling positive energy and feedback and how to play non-competitive soccer games created to make the children feel excited and accomplished.  We really strive to create a healthy, happy environment for your children and ours!


2011 Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award

SS CommunityOutreach 2011 Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award

The Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award (SSCOA) is our way of giving back to the local community. In addition to our nationwide and worldwide efforts with our very own non-profit initiative Global Goals, we are also very much interested in having a positive impact on the underserved communities here in Los Angeles.

The SSCOA was created to do just that. To give back to the children here in our local community by bringing soccer directly to the schools and centers that serve these children. To accomplish this we are offering you an opportunity for your children to experience Soccer Shots at your school/site/program. This will be in the form of a 10 week season of Soccer Shots for all of your children ages 3-5. In the 2011-12 school year, we hope to give out a total of $10,000 in Soccer Shots sessions!

How does it work? We come to you, once a week for 10 weeks and offer a 30 minute soccer session to your children.

If you are interested in becoming one of the few selected schools to receive the SSCOA please complete the application process below.

Our application process is simple!

• Name of School/Site/Program:
• Mailing address:
• Contact person:
• Title:
• Phone:
• Email:
• Website:
• Number of children age 3-5:
• Mission statement:
• Tell us HOW Soccer Shots would benefit your children and WHY your school/site/program is deserving of the 2011 Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award.

To apply, please submit your application to Soccer Shots:
1) Email rian@soccershots.org
2) Mail to Soccer Shots, PO Box 5741, Playa Del Rey, CA 90296

Applications must be received by June 30, 2011.

Online: soccershots.org/losangeles
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The Importance of Role Modeling in a Child’s Life

Positive role modeling is key in any child’s development and learning process. Our children learn by watching and emulating before they can even process verbal commands. Aristotle believed that with positive role modeling we learn virtue and honor in the context of socialization. Let’s think about this for a minute…How do those around our children (teachers, family members, parents, friends) deal with various situations? Are they happy, energetic, caring, angry, disapproving?

smiley girl 300x200 The Importance of Role Modeling in a Child’s Life

It’s important to provide positive role modeling throughout our children’s lives. It gives them an example of how to react in certain situations, a figure to aspire to as they grow up, goals to reach as they experience life, a pattern of behavior that they will copy as they mature.

With that in mind, Soccer Shots’ innovative curriculum extends beyond physical activity to incorporate values like teamwork, encouragement and cooperation. The enhancement of your child’s coordination, balance and agility is often seen immediately, but it is the building blocks being created for a life-long love of sports that have the strongest impact. In each 35-40 minute class, our experienced and enthusiastic instructors focus on having fun while guiding your children through imaginative games that teach basic soccer skills. Our trained instructors are energetic, great teachers, love working with children and strive to be a positive influence in their lives!

We believe it is important that all children have a positive first experience with organized sports. Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve.