Video: Soccer Shots Spaceship Game

(Guest post from Soccer Shots Franchising)

We believe that soccer, the world’s greatest game, can be introduced in really creative and exciting ways to kids ages 3-8.

Kids who play soccer are exposed to great fitness habits like running, character forming lessons such as teamwork and tons of fun.

We teach the beautiful game by mixing skills with games, so kids have a great time every week at their park, club or preschool soccer class.

Soccer Shots offers a variety of games that give kids a chance to show off what they’re learning. The “Shooting Stars” game allows kids to demonstrate their new-found knowledge of dribbling, control, and shooting. Their mission is to dribble around the area, control their ball next to a cone, and knock it over by shooting the ball. To make the kids focus even more on their dribbling and control, the instructors will act as aliens to try and defend the cones, forcing the kids to try and avoid obstacles in order to knock down all the cones.

Playing soccer based games with kids is a great way to let kids be creative, use their imagination, and have fun as they pretend to be spaceships shooting soccer balls at asteroids and aliens in outer space. If you want to do this in your own backyard, cones can be found at your nearest sports store. They’re inexpensive and a worthwhile investment as you help your child enjoy soccer, the world’s greatest game!

“It Takes A Village”

(Guest post from Coach Matthew at Soccer Shots Los Angeles)

One little girl spent an entire season sitting on the sidelines. In fact, she would complain of being too tired to play and ended up lying down most of the class. I had a meeting with her teacher and discovered this behavior occurred in class as well.

Matthew 300x225 It Takes A Village

Along with the Director of the school, we spoke to the parent as to our concerns of her daughter’s well-being. We suggested that she first have her daughter checked out by her doctor.

After finding out that she had no physical issues, we all encouraged the mother to enroll her daughter the following season of Soccer Shots.

At this time, I told her mother not to push too hard because children, with a little encouragement and patience, have a way of turning things around in their own time frame.

I reinforced that children learn and engage differently and this is not a reflection of her parenting. I remained very patient and gave her the space that she needed while continuing to offer encouragement.

This little girl ended up being the first to volunteer in every class. She was fully engaged and we could not get her off the soccer field after class ended.

All that was needed was patience, a little time and encouragement from a team that cared deeply about this child.

Coach Matthew, SSLA

Got (Soccer) Skills?

Don’t let all the fun and games fool you, no matter how much your kids love Soccer Shots and entertain you with tales of all the fun games we play, Soccer Shots is also a SKILLS program!  Studies have shown that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!  And, 9 out of 10 singing nannies recommend it during all household chores for children 3 years and up!

CookieMonster 300x225 Got (Soccer) Skills?

But seriously, we all learn better and retain more when we are enjoying the activity.  We also retain more when doing vs. just being lectured or reading about something.  Learn while you laugh! 

Keeping this premise in mind, Soccer Shots has created non-competitive games that incorporate ball skills, imagination and FUN!

Our kids are astronauts one day and superheroes the next, shuttling their precious cargo from planet to planet protecting it from asteroids or the cookie monster!  Sometimes they are bears or tigers searching for food after a long sleepy winter.  They are encouraged to make up their own games and exercise their creativity as well.

What our Soccer Shots kids don’t know is that through it all they are learning to dribble, properly kick the ball, pull back, protect the ball with their bodies when they play keep away and also score goals.  They are learning teamwork and sharing the ball when they pass it one another.  Soccer Shots is their introduction to organized sports in a positive, fun filled environment.

As they grow older they will already be equipped with the skills necessary to participate in other soccer programs such as AYSO, city leagues, club soccer, etc.  They will be able to acclimate into more competitive programs with the skills they have “inadvertently” learned through Soccer Shots.

So as we enjoy the summer fun outdoors and all the activities it has to offer, keep in mind fall is just around the corner! Our fall season will be starting up sooner than you think at your local preschool or local community park.  And if you know any schools that would benefit from a program like this, please let us know!  We will come in and do a FREE demonstration for the children 3-5 years old and set up a fall season of soccer fun!

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Coaching Days Like This Make Your Week!

(Guest post from Coach Karthik at Soccer Shots Los Angeles)

Recently I began coaching at a new school in Mar Vista. When I got to my first session I noticed one of the kids crying because I was new to her and she couldn’t associate me with a familiar face.  To make myself more approachable to her, I noticed she was wearing a South Africa jersey and a polka dot hat.  

Karthik Coaching Days Like This Make Your Week!

During the walk over from the classroom to the playing area, I complimented her jersey by saying, “I loved it!” I asked her if she watched the World Cup last summer.  We proceeded to chat as she told me that the jersey belonged to the “Bafana, Bafana.” I asked her if she knew what it, “Bafana, Bafana” meant.  She was unsure of the meaning, so I told her it meant “the boys, the boys” in Zulu.  She got a kick out of learning something new. I joked with her asking if she’d give me her hat because it was so cool. She smiled through her fading tears and said, “it’s a girls’ hat and you’d look silly in it!”  I replied by just taking a hi-five, which she happily gave me.

By the time we started the session she was very comfortable being around her new coach.  I even made her my helper for the warm-up, which proceeded to help the situation. At the end of class she even gave me a hug.  

A week later (today), she was really excited to see me and couldn’t wait to get started with soccer.

Not to sound cheesy, but days like that will make your week!

Coach Karthik, SSLA

Congratulations To Rian!

rian 150x150 Congratulations To Rian!

The Los Angeles Soccer Shots Team would like to congratulate Rian Heim, our Director, on his acceptance of the role of President of the Franchise Advisory Council for the West Region. Rian was unanimously selected by all three Franchisors and the three other Regional  Council Presidents.

As Regional Council President, Rian will represent the franchisee constituents of the Western Region. He will also serve as the Regional Council’s delegate to the Presidents’ Council biannual meetings. Generally speaking Rian will represent the 20+ franchisees in the western region to make sure their voices are heard and to insure important issues are addressed in an effort to continue to provide an unsurpassable program while streamlining all facets of the franchise.

Congratulations Rian!!