A “Fragile Child”

(Guest post from Coach Paul at Soccer Shots Los Angeles)

At Creative Children Preschool, Soccer Shots had a new child this Fall whose parents (or at least one of them) thought their son to be “too fragile” for soccer, but whose other parent enrolled him anyway… Well, when the parent concerned about their son’s “fragility” was surprised to see him participating in class #1 when she arrived to check him out, that same parent’s surprise was equaled only by observing his obvious joy to be in class.

After a conversation with the parent who enrolled their son, the concerned parent admitted that they didn’t have the heart to request to have him withdrawn from Soccer Shots because, contrary to their impression of he perceived, fragile condition, he was indeed one of the most engaged children who showed himself not only to be robust and equal to the task of participating fully, but that he was actually, fully enjoying Soccer Shots!

Wow. What a way to build stronger, healthier, capable and confident children! Chalk one up for belief in potential and the efficacy of Soccer Shots!

Coach Paul,
San Fernando Valley

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