Valuable Life Skills Through Soccer!

(Post from SSLA Coach and Intern, Amanda)

The first Soccer Shots class I attended, I was completely blown away by the excitement of both the kids and coaches. It was such a great experience to see kids outside enjoying each other and having an amazing time kicking the ball around. When children are young, joining a soccer program might just seem like something fun to get them outside. Which is definitely true, but it is so much more.

People may not realize the excellent life lessons these children are learning from these simple 40 minutes classes. Not only are they learning how to play one of the world’s favorite sports, they are gaining social knowledge that will stay with them forever. Soccer is a sport that requires communication, teamwork, and positive attitudes.

Sounds a lot like every day life, right? Because these kids are young, being apart of a soccer team teaches them how to be social and make friends with the people around them, which will be very handy for when they are growing up. If they are able to learn how to be outgoing when they are in preschool or kindergarten, school and future life experiences will be much easier.

CookieMonster 300x225 Valuable Life Skills Through Soccer!

When I was watching the class, I noticed a little girl in the beginning who seemed shy and embarrassed to do the soccer drills. When I asked her if she was okay she replied quietly, “Yeah, but I don’t want to mess up.” Because the coaches had the other children encourage and cheer for everyone, it helped the little girl gain confidence, and she ended up having an great time and scored a goal! By the end, she was chanting the other kids names for them to score goals just as they did for her. As simple as this seems, the little girl was able to break out of her shell and make friends from that one experience. Soccer has really helped me in my life too. I started playing when I was just five years old and now I am nineteen and still loving it. All of my closest friends are my soccer teammates and we all push each other to do good in school and life.

For me, not only am I staying active, I have learned to be dedicated to everything I commit to, I am able to communicate with people very easy, and I also know how to listen to rules and follow them.

I am totally not the type of person that will go outside and run on my own, but I look forward to going to practice to be with my friends while being productive. My team (as are most teams) is required to have a certain grade point average, so that disciplines us all to make sure our school work is going good. I give soccer and my coaches a lot of the credit for who I am today.

I was so happy to see those kids playing because I know the experience they are getting. It is hard to understand how children this young can be affected so much from these classes but it will be very apparent when they are older. In my opinion, the three main qualities a person needs in life is, being social (communicate well), dedication, and having a good attitude. With those three attributes, a person is able to do well in school, make friends, and eventually get a job. Any parent worried about how their child will do in life, sign them up for soccer!!

Meet Our New Assistant Director – Ali Lawson

We are extremely pleased to welcome Ali Lawson to the Soccer Shots Los Angeles team! Ali joins us having been highly recommended by a member of our very own Soccer Shots team. With the very busy fall season upon us, Ali is a much welcomed addition and we look forward to her experience, dedication, positive attitude and warm personality.

As the top PreK enrichment program in Los Angeles we strive to maintain a high level of program quality and service to the families and schools that we serve. Ali will play an important role in maintaining and enhancing these relationships. Ali will be in the Soccer Shots LA office Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, unless she is out with the kids coaching a session.

Please join us in welcoming Ali to the team! She can be reached by email at or by phone at (310) 857-6560.

8055AliLawson1 300x300 Meet Our New Assistant Director   Ali Lawson

Ali is a native Oregonian that has recently relocated to Southern California. She brings with her a diverse range of experiences. Some of her favorites were when she traveled the world as a Corporate Flight Attendant. She also earned her degree in psychology which she believes has helped her to become the well rounded person she is today.

Through life experiences, Ali has developed the tools to deal with whatever comes her way. She embraces life’s challenges and looks forward to the future. She is thrilled to be employed with Soccer Shots and can’t wait to work with everyone, including parents, school staff, coaches and of course, the kids.

She enjoys many sports, including soccer and loves working with and being around kids.

“I find it so rewarding to see kids having fun playing while increasing their fitness levels. That’s one of the great things about kids, they don’t know that they’re actually getting a work out, because they’re too busy just having fun.”

She feels that their energy and zest for life is infectious, which is a great reminder to not take yourself or life to seriously.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé Neil and hiking with their Mini Australian Shepard, Maile.

Got (Soccer) Skills?

Don’t let all the fun and games fool you, no matter how much your kids love Soccer Shots and entertain you with tales of all the fun games we play, Soccer Shots is also a SKILLS program!  Studies have shown that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!  And, 9 out of 10 singing nannies recommend it during all household chores for children 3 years and up!

CookieMonster 300x225 Got (Soccer) Skills?

But seriously, we all learn better and retain more when we are enjoying the activity.  We also retain more when doing vs. just being lectured or reading about something.  Learn while you laugh! 

Keeping this premise in mind, Soccer Shots has created non-competitive games that incorporate ball skills, imagination and FUN!

Our kids are astronauts one day and superheroes the next, shuttling their precious cargo from planet to planet protecting it from asteroids or the cookie monster!  Sometimes they are bears or tigers searching for food after a long sleepy winter.  They are encouraged to make up their own games and exercise their creativity as well.

What our Soccer Shots kids don’t know is that through it all they are learning to dribble, properly kick the ball, pull back, protect the ball with their bodies when they play keep away and also score goals.  They are learning teamwork and sharing the ball when they pass it one another.  Soccer Shots is their introduction to organized sports in a positive, fun filled environment.

As they grow older they will already be equipped with the skills necessary to participate in other soccer programs such as AYSO, city leagues, club soccer, etc.  They will be able to acclimate into more competitive programs with the skills they have “inadvertently” learned through Soccer Shots.

So as we enjoy the summer fun outdoors and all the activities it has to offer, keep in mind fall is just around the corner! Our fall season will be starting up sooner than you think at your local preschool or local community park.  And if you know any schools that would benefit from a program like this, please let us know!  We will come in and do a FREE demonstration for the children 3-5 years old and set up a fall season of soccer fun!

Visit our website for more information

Congratulations To Rian!

rian 150x150 Congratulations To Rian!

The Los Angeles Soccer Shots Team would like to congratulate Rian Heim, our Director, on his acceptance of the role of President of the Franchise Advisory Council for the West Region. Rian was unanimously selected by all three Franchisors and the three other Regional  Council Presidents.

As Regional Council President, Rian will represent the franchisee constituents of the Western Region. He will also serve as the Regional Council’s delegate to the Presidents’ Council biannual meetings. Generally speaking Rian will represent the 20+ franchisees in the western region to make sure their voices are heard and to insure important issues are addressed in an effort to continue to provide an unsurpassable program while streamlining all facets of the franchise.

Congratulations Rian!!

Why Soccer Shots Is Here In Los Angeles

AlyssaCharlie Why Soccer Shots Is Here In Los Angeles

Hi, my name is Alyssa Heim and I’m co-owner, with my husband Rian, of Soccer Shots in LA. We are 4 years strong and getting stronger! We are in over 65 preschools in the Los Angeles area!  Someone recently asked us why we decided to make Soccer Shots our family business.  We both wanted to run a business together that impacted youth in our local community. I come from a background in teaching youth at risk and constantly am reminded of the importance of providing a strong emotional and physical foundation for kids.  We both hold a strong belief that socialization skills and group activity are a vital part of the development of our youth as they learn and grow.  And Voila!  Soccer Shots LA was born!

And now that we have a child of our own, it’s not just a business…it’s an adventure!  Ha ha, ok it sounds corny but it really has become a way of life for us.  And we try to maintain that consistency in our work and our home life.   Ever since becoming a mom, (just over a year ago) I have tried my hardest to provide all things healthy for Charlie, such as breastfeeding, making all of his pureed baby foods out of organic fruits and vegetables and continuing to feed him all of the top quality foods with variety and different tastes and textures.  This philosophy will then continue into his physical activity.  But for now it’s play dates, toddler classes and a lot of trips to the park.  In the future I look forward to signing him up for Soccer Shots classes, trips to museums and chasing him around the zoo!

And that future is coming quickly now that Charlie is starting to walk (with a hand or a walker…or anything that moves!) It is so much fun for me to watch his excitement in accomplishing such a minor task as walking up and down our walkway.  It’s obvious that he looks at us for approval and a clap or cheer.  He’s not able to kick a ball yet, but it’s coming soon!  The size 3 soccer ball is constantly being tossed and rolled across our living room though. We want to duplicate that same positive experience, that sense of achievement in our students!  So we train our coaches on role modeling positive energy and feedback and how to play non-competitive soccer games created to make the children feel excited and accomplished.  We really strive to create a healthy, happy environment for your children and ours!