Yay For Soccer Shots!

I wanted to share this review that we received via Yelp from a parent in Echo Park. Thank you again for so beautifully putting into words your experience with our program. It truly makes me happy to know that our program has this affect on families in the community.

Review from Michelle M. in Echo Park:

My mantra as a mom is to expose my son (now 3) to everything life has to offer – from museums, a variety of music, different people and languages, etc.

It’s about encouraging a well rounded and secure relationship to the world around him, and ultimately, to empower him to chose what he enjoys in life.

So as he turned 3, I felt the next logical step was to enroll him in team sports… what better way to learn about working with others, burn off toddler energy and enjoy the outdoors? My ideal was soccer, but there were no options in my area (Echo Park). That’s when I came across Soccer Shots.

SS CommunityOutreach Yay For Soccer Shots!

They were pretty much the only soccer group that focused specifically on the 3-5 year old set… but even they hadn’t yet spread to the East Side. I contacted them anyway and long story short – they decided to donate a community outreach grant to my son’s preschool (10 sessions for the fall season!!!). I was shocked and thrilled … what a great way to build community!!

My son and his school mates have been going to soccer weekly now for about 5 weeks. He’s more agile and is learning to direct his energies. He’s starting to grasp the idea of team (a hard one for a 3 year old) and likes to talk about his scrimmages and how he and his buddies worked together.

He looks forward to every Tuesday AM (the weekly session) and I look forward to his evening breakdown of the day as it inevitably features something new Coach David has taught them (dribbling, balancing, passing) the thrill of a goal he’s scored, or praise for a buddy who did the same.

EchoParkPlaygroup 150x150 Yay For Soccer Shots!

Soccer Shots is one part of the overall balance we seek for our son. In a city with such a strong focus on the individual, Soccer Shots provides an early lesson on the importance of working together, self-discipline and the fun that comes from physical activity.

We can’t thank Soccer Shots enough for all their efforts and support – all the parents are thrilled. And while we were fortunate enough to be awarded the community grant, the overall costs are well worth it.

We’ll definitely be signing up next season. Yay for soccer shots coming to the East Side!!

Good Deeds On & Off The Field

GlobalGoals Good Deeds On & Off The Field

In 2009 Soccer Shots’ Global Goals, a non-profit organization, was born out of a vision that our soccer communities could band together and provide growth and opportunities to disadvantaged children. Through the “Beautiful Game” we want to reach out to children across the USA to create a healthy, productive environment in which kids can play, learn and develop.

We have partnered with the U.S. Soccer Foundation who’s goal is to provide affordable access to quality soccer programs that support children’s physical and personal development. The U.S. Soccer Foundation’s programs are designed to keep kids active and healthy.

They guide children away from negative influences by providing them with safe and healthy places to play after school – the most dangerous hours of the day.

Players receive attention and support from caring mentors and coaches who work to ensure that they develop into healthy and successful young adults. The foundation is working to build safe playing fields and bring the “Soccer For Success” model to economically disadvantaged communities nationwide.

USSoccerFoundation Good Deeds On & Off The Field

Soccer Shots has embraced this cause. To that end, our Soccer Shots Los Angeles has committed to donating a portion of your child’s registration fee to the Global Goals/U.S. Soccer Foundation’s efforts to construct playing surfaces within various cities throughout the U.S.

Thank you for signing your child up for Soccer Shots and for your support of the Global Goals campaign! Every child should have a place to play, a place to learn, and a place to grow!


• Congratulations to Playgroup Echo Park, recipient of the 2011 Community Outreach Award. They will receive 10 FREE SESSIONS this fall. For more info about our 2012 award, please email losangeles.soccershots.org.

• Our Fall Season starts this week! Contact your school to see if Soccer Shots is already a provider of fine games and good time! Otherwise, please let us know you’re interested! We’ll contact your school and set up a FREE DEMONSTRATION for the kids!

• The Soccer Shots Los Angeles office is now located at: 8055 West Manchester Avenue, Suite 310, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293. Phone: (310) 857-6560 Email: losangeles@soccershots.org

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2011 SSCOA Recipient: PLAYGROUP (Echo Park)

We are very pleased to announce PLAYGROUP (Echo Park) as this years recipient of the Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award (SSCOA)!

On September 13, 2011 Soccer Shots will kick off the first of ten weeks of soccer and fun where each week around 20 children will experience the fun and excitement of Soccer Shots at PLAYGROUP! In addition to our Global Goals pledge, Soccer Shots Los Angeles seeks to give back to the local community in the form of the SSCOA which provides soccer at deserving schools in the community at no cost to the school or parents for an entire season. Each year we plan to give up to $10,000 of Soccer Shots! If you are interested in applying for a future SSCOA, please email losangeles(a)soccershots.org.

PLAYGROUP’s mission is to provide quality, affordable childcare for working families, and to promote children’s emotional, social and intellectual development in a safe and caring environment.

PLAYGROUP joins with families to prepare children for school and community life. PLAYGROUP values and teaches non-violence, cooperation, cultural diversity and the worth of all people.

EchoParkPlaygroup 2011 SSCOA Recipient: PLAYGROUP (Echo Park)

Tell us HOW Soccer Shots would benefit your children and WHY your school/site/program is deserving of the 2011 Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award.
We have a diverse parent and student base (economic, cultural, professional, etc.) that is likewise representative of our community as a whole.  And one of our main goals as a school is to build community among parents, neighbors and the children themselves.  

Soccer – as an energetic team sport – would be a true physical manifestation of working together – a fundamental of community building.

We also happen to be a modest school – small grounds and a student body of about 38.  The soccer camp would provide an opportunity to organize the children to a weekly trip to the nearby Elysian Park (where we would hold the soccer lessons).  Again, providing the opportunity for community building, locale awareness and downright fun!!

Many of our families are from low and modest incomes.  Enrolling in a soccer camp just isn’t possible in addition to preschool enrollment.  We’re also a non-profit school that has relied heavily on state grants in order to function.  With the past state budget cuts, we’ve steadily lost funding and as of this year, have to rely almost exclusively on enrollment fees.  To have the opportunity to expose children to a sport is a goal, but financially not possible at this time.

Finally – we’re eager to receive the award primarily because of all the greatness that comes with soccer.  

Team building, exposure to physical education and activity, parent involvement (parents would jump at watching their kids run after the ball!!) and a glimpse at physical and mental discipline.

 We really hope you consider us for your award.  We’d love to start the school year in September with the great opportunity of a fall soccer camp.

– Michelle M. (Parent at PLAYGROUP)

2011 Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award

SS CommunityOutreach 2011 Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award

The Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award (SSCOA) is our way of giving back to the local community. In addition to our nationwide and worldwide efforts with our very own non-profit initiative Global Goals, we are also very much interested in having a positive impact on the underserved communities here in Los Angeles.

The SSCOA was created to do just that. To give back to the children here in our local community by bringing soccer directly to the schools and centers that serve these children. To accomplish this we are offering you an opportunity for your children to experience Soccer Shots at your school/site/program. This will be in the form of a 10 week season of Soccer Shots for all of your children ages 3-5. In the 2011-12 school year, we hope to give out a total of $10,000 in Soccer Shots sessions!

How does it work? We come to you, once a week for 10 weeks and offer a 30 minute soccer session to your children.

If you are interested in becoming one of the few selected schools to receive the SSCOA please complete the application process below.

Our application process is simple!

• Name of School/Site/Program:
• Mailing address:
• Contact person:
• Title:
• Phone:
• Email:
• Website:
• Number of children age 3-5:
• Mission statement:
• Tell us HOW Soccer Shots would benefit your children and WHY your school/site/program is deserving of the 2011 Soccer Shots Community Outreach Award.

To apply, please submit your application to Soccer Shots:
1) Email rian@soccershots.org
2) Mail to Soccer Shots, PO Box 5741, Playa Del Rey, CA 90296

Applications must be received by June 30, 2011.

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