Soccer Shots: Coach Chris

Across the country Soccer Shots coaches positively impact girls and boys in all sorts of ways!

Through countless smiles, numerous high-fives, encouraging words, patient instruction, and caring acts our coaches make a difference in the lives of children.

Watch this short video and meet one such coach – Coach Chris. While Chris doesn’t coach for Soccer Shots Los Angeles, his story, passion, and dedication to making an impact is incredibly similar to all of the coaches on our team.

Toe Touches!

(Guest Post by Lead Coach Kim)

KimZ CoachCard Toe Touches!

Thought the season, we practice Toe Touches. What is so great about this skill is that it is a variation on Stop/Control Position and is useful to develop touch and control of the ball when playing soccer.

Check out a Soccer Shots Coach demonstrating Toe Touches!

We explain Toe Touches by telling the children that this move is similar to doing fast stop positions which makes it easier for them to understand. This skill helps to develop control of the ball, which is important during occasions when the kids are dribbling and need to quickly stop the ball for just a moment before continuing to dribble. Balance and quickness are also enhanced by the need to be able to hop from one foot to the next to do the toe touches, which isn’t always easy to do. It also helps young players to improve their gross motor skills and be faster on their feet.

Speed is essential to soccer, as we will talk more about next time. It is good for young players to learn little by little to be quicker on their feet and to have more overall control of the ball, balance, and coordination. Toe Touches are a great way to teach and perfect these abilities, even professional soccer players spend a significant amount of time practicing variations of toe touches!

The Soccer Shots Experience – Meet Noemi

We take great pride in The Soccer Shots Experience… Take a look to learn more about who we are and why we do what we do!

Meet Noemie. Noemie is 4 years old and in her third season with Soccer Shots. Noemie and her mom represent thousands of children and parents who experience Soccer Shots each day, and thousands more who will.

You can see the first video in the series, by clicking HERE.

Soccer for Success Overview 2011

Soccer Shots is proud to partner with the U.S. Soccer Foundation and its Soccer For Success program, an after-school program that aims to fight childhood obesity and provide positive social benefits. Check out this video from a Soccer For Success event in Los Angeles last month, which two Soccer Shots Co-Founders (Jason Webb and Justin Bredeman) were able to attend.

“It’s about building the whole child. Soccer is just the hook.”

-Shellie Pfohl, Executive Director, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition

Soccer Shots Sport Court Installation Day at Avon Avenue Elementary School

On November 2, 2011, Soccer Shots and its nonprofit arm, Global Goals, got to officially convert their fundraising efforts to real, live, positive impact. Soccer Shots franchisees nationwide raised money through Global Goals over the past year in order to install a SportCourt – a multi-use athletic court – on the asphalt grounds of Avon Avenue Elementary School in Newark, NJ (see Jason Webb’s recent post with more information on the installation and the impact it will have on the school and community).

Check out our video HERE of Jason Webb, Soccer Shots Partner and Co-Founder, speaking to Dominique Lee, Founder & Executive Director of Avon Avenue Elementary School, about the exciting news!

West San Fernando Valley Director – Paul Parzik

We are extremely pleased to announce that Paul is now the West San Fernando Valley Director! For the past two years Paul has coached and managed the Soccer Shots program in the San Fernando Valley at an extremely high level. He truly represents the absolute best of what Soccer Shots is all about. Kids, parents and the staff at our schools all love Coach Paul!

Check out Coach Paul in action as he leads a group of 30+ kids with creativity and imagination! The kids have a blast using their giant bucket of water (soccer ball) to put out the fires (cones) as they fly (dribble) around the field in their helicopters!

Paul brings 25 years of experience working with children in sports and recreation for organizations including non-profit organizations, public schools and with the Disney Company. Additionally, he also operates a robust children’s party entertainment company with his wife. During Paul’s career his certifications have included youth sports coach and personal trainer and his lifetime of experience coaching youth soccer for preschoolers and older children began in 1986!

After the birth of his second son five years ago and following the acquisition of two additional party companies, Paul resigned from his role as an Executive Director with the YMCA to spend more time with family and with the family businesses. With his youngest son beginning kindergarten he took on a part time management role as Coordinator of the Topanga youth sports program in 2009 involving 200 children ages 3 to 13 in various sports including a rapidly growing soccer program in which he continues to coach several teams each season.

With a diverse and enriching body of experience well suited to coaching and working with young children, Paul began coaching for Soccer Shots at the beginning of 2010. His experience with sports and working with children has been a great match!

R E S P E C T with Coach Alyssa

“Coaches are, first and foremost, teachers; they are among the most influential people in a young athlete’s life. Because coach’s are such powerful role models, young athletes learn more from them about character that about athletic performance.” – Unknown

In addition to teaching basic soccer skills, our newly designed curriculum places a high emphasis on character building and even offers a Character Word Of The Day. In this short clip Coach Alyssa demonstrates her creativity in reinforcing the “word of the day” as part of the team cheer at the end of the session.

Fun Soccer Games to Play at Home with your Preschoolers

(Guest post from Soccer Shots Franchising)

Soccer Shots is a youth soccer program for toddlers to elementary school children where we use soccer to teach more than just fundamentals of the game.

Our curriculum also works on character development such as teamwork, and appreciation plus physical development like coordination and motor skills.

We do this through fun, noncompetitive games that use imagination and creativity.

As a leader in the field of soccer for toddlers to 8-year-olds we know the importance of continuing children’s physical education at home and want to share a game that parents can do with their children. This at-home game will help your child not only learn to pass the ball with control but will also get them running around and having fun.

Passing is a basic skill that is simple to learn and practice. First step is to dig out a soccer ball (or one of similar size) and show your child that when passing, it is best to use the inside of your foot. Doing this allows for a straighter, more controlled pass. If you kick with your toe, there is less of a chance the ball goes where you intended because you have less control.

Now it’s game time! Here’s a simple exercise to help your child practice their passing: Tunnel Game.

The idea is to have your child properly pass the ball between your legs, or “the tunnel”. Once they pass it, it’s their job to run past you to retrieve their ball and do it again. You can vary the distance depending on your child’s ability and make sure they continue to use the inside of their foot. You may also try using the other foot too, that way they start learning to use both feet.

Take turns with your child so you can be the passer too.

Spending time playing with your child is quality time that is more meaningful and profound than you may think. Beyond bonding, you will be instilling the importance of an active lifestyle plus, we bet you’ll have fun too!

Video: Soccer Shots Spaceship Game

(Guest post from Soccer Shots Franchising)

We believe that soccer, the world’s greatest game, can be introduced in really creative and exciting ways to kids ages 3-8.

Kids who play soccer are exposed to great fitness habits like running, character forming lessons such as teamwork and tons of fun.

We teach the beautiful game by mixing skills with games, so kids have a great time every week at their park, club or preschool soccer class.

Soccer Shots offers a variety of games that give kids a chance to show off what they’re learning. The “Shooting Stars” game allows kids to demonstrate their new-found knowledge of dribbling, control, and shooting. Their mission is to dribble around the area, control their ball next to a cone, and knock it over by shooting the ball. To make the kids focus even more on their dribbling and control, the instructors will act as aliens to try and defend the cones, forcing the kids to try and avoid obstacles in order to knock down all the cones.

Playing soccer based games with kids is a great way to let kids be creative, use their imagination, and have fun as they pretend to be spaceships shooting soccer balls at asteroids and aliens in outer space. If you want to do this in your own backyard, cones can be found at your nearest sports store. They’re inexpensive and a worthwhile investment as you help your child enjoy soccer, the world’s greatest game!