Fun Soccer Games to Play at Home with your Preschoolers

(Guest post from Soccer Shots Franchising)

Soccer Shots is a youth soccer program for toddlers to elementary school children where we use soccer to teach more than just fundamentals of the game.

Our curriculum also works on character development such as teamwork, and appreciation plus physical development like coordination and motor skills.

We do this through fun, noncompetitive games that use imagination and creativity.

As a leader in the field of soccer for toddlers to 8-year-olds we know the importance of continuing children’s physical education at home and want to share a game that parents can do with their children. This at-home game will help your child not only learn to pass the ball with control but will also get them running around and having fun.

Passing is a basic skill that is simple to learn and practice. First step is to dig out a soccer ball (or one of similar size) and show your child that when passing, it is best to use the inside of your foot. Doing this allows for a straighter, more controlled pass. If you kick with your toe, there is less of a chance the ball goes where you intended because you have less control.

Now it’s game time! Here’s a simple exercise to help your child practice their passing: Tunnel Game.

The idea is to have your child properly pass the ball between your legs, or “the tunnel”. Once they pass it, it’s their job to run past you to retrieve their ball and do it again. You can vary the distance depending on your child’s ability and make sure they continue to use the inside of their foot. You may also try using the other foot too, that way they start learning to use both feet.

Take turns with your child so you can be the passer too.

Spending time playing with your child is quality time that is more meaningful and profound than you may think. Beyond bonding, you will be instilling the importance of an active lifestyle plus, we bet you’ll have fun too!

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