Got (Soccer) Skills?

Don’t let all the fun and games fool you, no matter how much your kids love Soccer Shots and entertain you with tales of all the fun games we play, Soccer Shots is also a SKILLS program!  Studies have shown that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!  And, 9 out of 10 singing nannies recommend it during all household chores for children 3 years and up!

CookieMonster 300x225 Got (Soccer) Skills?

But seriously, we all learn better and retain more when we are enjoying the activity.  We also retain more when doing vs. just being lectured or reading about something.  Learn while you laugh! 

Keeping this premise in mind, Soccer Shots has created non-competitive games that incorporate ball skills, imagination and FUN!

Our kids are astronauts one day and superheroes the next, shuttling their precious cargo from planet to planet protecting it from asteroids or the cookie monster!  Sometimes they are bears or tigers searching for food after a long sleepy winter.  They are encouraged to make up their own games and exercise their creativity as well.

What our Soccer Shots kids don’t know is that through it all they are learning to dribble, properly kick the ball, pull back, protect the ball with their bodies when they play keep away and also score goals.  They are learning teamwork and sharing the ball when they pass it one another.  Soccer Shots is their introduction to organized sports in a positive, fun filled environment.

As they grow older they will already be equipped with the skills necessary to participate in other soccer programs such as AYSO, city leagues, club soccer, etc.  They will be able to acclimate into more competitive programs with the skills they have “inadvertently” learned through Soccer Shots.

So as we enjoy the summer fun outdoors and all the activities it has to offer, keep in mind fall is just around the corner! Our fall season will be starting up sooner than you think at your local preschool or local community park.  And if you know any schools that would benefit from a program like this, please let us know!  We will come in and do a FREE demonstration for the children 3-5 years old and set up a fall season of soccer fun!

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