“It Takes A Village”

(Guest post from Coach Matthew at Soccer Shots Los Angeles)

One little girl spent an entire season sitting on the sidelines. In fact, she would complain of being too tired to play and ended up lying down most of the class. I had a meeting with her teacher and discovered this behavior occurred in class as well.

Matthew 300x225 It Takes A Village

Along with the Director of the school, we spoke to the parent as to our concerns of her daughter’s well-being. We suggested that she first have her daughter checked out by her doctor.

After finding out that she had no physical issues, we all encouraged the mother to enroll her daughter the following season of Soccer Shots.

At this time, I told her mother not to push too hard because children, with a little encouragement and patience, have a way of turning things around in their own time frame.

I reinforced that children learn and engage differently and this is not a reflection of her parenting. I remained very patient and gave her the space that she needed while continuing to offer encouragement.

This little girl ended up being the first to volunteer in every class. She was fully engaged and we could not get her off the soccer field after class ended.

All that was needed was patience, a little time and encouragement from a team that cared deeply about this child.

Coach Matthew, SSLA

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