Parent Pledge

Being a Good Sport When Cheering on Your Child

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Whether they’re competing in a sport or performing in a theater production or music group, your presence is a key way to support your children. The way you are present also makes a difference in the way your children feel about you, themselves, and the activities they are in. 

Focus on supporting your child and the other kids there. Be POSITIVE.

Model SPORTSMANSHIP. Remind your child that winning is not just about scoring the most goals, but putting in maximum effort, learning, and improving over time.

Let the COACHES COACH. Let the KIDS PLAY. And let the PARENTS RELAX. Foster independence by allowing your child to play on his or her own, make mistakes, and learn from their experience. Get involved when a Coach asks or suggests you join in.
Engage your child in conversations about Soccer Shots and ENCOURAGE them to practice at home. 

Focus on the FUN and funny factor. Young children who play on teams run the wrong way, get distracted, and are more interested in what captures their attention at the moment than in the game or performance. Instead of being embarrassed, relish the spontaneity of it all. (Specific to families with children ages 2 to 5)

Give your children credit for PARTICIPATING, even if it seems they didn’t contribute much. Learning how to participate with others at this age is a major skill that builds slowly. (Specific to families with children ages 2 to 5)