Remarkable Coaching

I would like to share with you all, the great things a parent had to say about our coaching staff. Truly remarkable!

Last week I was doing a 1 on 1 training session with a 3 year old boy for about 45 mins.

As I arrive the site the father approaches me and says, ” We don’t use words like good job, if you know what I mean.” I looked up at him and said “I do understand what you mean.” (In my mind, I thought, mmmm very interesting). I had to switch my style of coaching without doing so much positive praising.

So after having a day of coaching in the AM I had already dropped like 100 “good jobs” to children from the AM sessions. So it was a little tough to not say “good job” to the 3 year old boy. Of course I dropped like 20 “good jobs” in the 45 minutes. Lol.

CoachAlyssa SoccerShots 300x300 Remarkable Coaching

Now, the child also attends our Cheviot Hills park program on Saturday mornings.

The 1 on 1 session was successful and as I chat with the mom of the 3 year old boy she had many nice things to say about Soccer Shots.

The parent said that we prefers Soccer Shots over another intro to soccer program that they had tried because, in her opinion the Soccer Shots coaches know exactly what they are doing. The child had a season with this other program but did not enjoy it.

She went on to mention,

“Coach Alyssa is a great coach and teacher out there, she brings great energy to every session and my child has fun with her, I am happy to see that you guys teach more than soccer, you teach great values and skills that will be used in life.”

“Coach Charlie is great with the children as well and brings fun energy to every session.”

Great job out there coaches!!! You know you are doing something right when someone makes a remark about you.

Keep up the great job out there coaches and remember, the #1 rule is to have FUN!!