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Parents are constantly asking us to refer a soccer program as a “next step” for their child beyond Soccer Shots. These parents believe in our philosophy of offering a non-competitive, high energy, fun, age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer and trust our experience and values. There are typically two reasons that parents ask us for our recommendation:

1) Their child is graduating from preschool where Soccer Shots is being offered and they want their child to continue with soccer OR

2) They are a fan of our program but their child is too old for our program which primarily serves 3-5 year olds.

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Because of this we have been seeking a partnership with a local soccer academy that matches our philosophy. I am pleased to say that we have found the right match. “The Los Angeles Soccer Academy believes in technical development over the current trend of winning-at-all-cost found in many youth programs. We are dedicated to reversing the kick-and-run approach used to attract families and generate revenue at the sacrifice of player development… These are the years we want our children to play with confidence and control…”

In addition to the LASA programs for U6 and up, Soccer Shots will now be offering our program at the Los Angeles Soccer Academy by offering the 3-6 year old program.

The following is an excerpt from

What makes the Los Angeles Soccer Academy different?

At most youth clubs, if a child does not make the team he is left with only recreational options such as AYSO. At LASA we don’t marginalize children who are not ready for the club level. We place them into our academy program so they can train alongside our club team and develop the skills needed to eventually reach their goals. Each player has an opportunity to play on one of our club teams when ready, or play in our academy to attain the skills needed to reach the competitive level. We also start our services at 3 years-old, to give every child a head start through our affiliate program, Soccer Shots. We firmly believe when you nurture the love for the game first at this early age, the skills will follow.


We are dedicated to development over winning-at-all-cost. We are a possession-minded academy and club. We do not subscribe to the kick-and-run game played in many youth leagues across the US and England. We combine the possession principles of Spain, the 4v4 foundations of Holland, the flair and creativity of Brazil, and the determination, hustle and pride of US soccer.

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In addition to developing individual skills, our USSF licensed coaches also teach principals of shape, teamwork, attack, vision, penetration, support, mobility, width, improvisation, pressure, cover, balance, delay, compactness, restraint and the counter-attack. At the end of every practice we incorporate match free-play to insure we allow the game to teach our players. All of our practices are founded on simple soccer, played smart.

The Los Angeles Soccer Academy offers multiple program options:

Soccer Shots (Ages 3-6)
This is an exciting introduction to soccer for 3, 4, 5 and 6 year-olds, with a focus on nurturing a creative environment through engaging and fun practices. Our partners, SOCCER SHOTS will provide all the fun, in keeping with the LASA Mission Statement and Philosophy. Graduates from the Soccer Shots program can then advance into our U6-U8 program with confidence and a developed set of skills. This program runs one day a week. Practices are held on LASA fields alongside our other programs. To register for Soccer Shots, click on your age group here: 3-4 Year Olds | 5-6 Year Olds

U6-U8 Academy
This is the second stage of development for ages 6, 7 & 8. This is for players who have shown progress at the recreational level (AYSO) or at an introductory program such as SOCCER SHOTS. This is a fun but challenging training program to help younger players realize their potential and help them develop the skills needed to reach the club level. All players will be taught through guided discovery by NSCAA and USSF licensed coaches. Our focus in this age group will be on dribbling, control, creativity, confidence and fun! This is also an excellent supplement for club or AYSO players looking to add additional technical development into to their season. This program runs two days a week.

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U9, U10, U11, U12 Academy
Academy players in U9-U12 train alongside our club teams of the same age groups. This is an excellent opportunity for players to bridge the gap between AYSO and competitive club-level soccer. Our goal is to help players develop and integrate into our club system. This is the first step on that journey. To join one of our club teams instead, please contact coach Alveraz for try-out opportunities and details:

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