Soccer, the “Beautiful Game”

July 4th, Independence Day, is almost upon us evoking images of red, white and blue banners, parades down Main Street, apple pie and baseball, our national pastime. But what about soccer? People outside the USA can’t believe we don’t eat, sleep and breathe it like they do! It’s not just a sport to them, it’s a culture!

Those of us who love soccer and want to introduce our children to the “Beautiful Game” often are hard pressed to do so.

Mark Zeigler of The San Diego Union Tribune observes Soccer Culture here and around the world as such,

“Kids everywhere else grow up living, breathing, dreaming soccer. Here, kids in the suburbs go to regimented practice twice a week, play a game in front of screaming parents on the weekend and that’s it. No soccer on TV. No pickup games on the neighborhood vacant lot, honing their skills on a bumpy dirt field while dribbling around cinder blocks and tree roots.”

It’s up to us to get them excited about the game!

Beautiful Soccer, the “Beautiful Game”

This is one of our goals at Soccer Shots!

We create a fun, non-competitive atmosphere to introduce your children, ages 3-8 to the wonderful world of soccer!

We incorporate games they already know such as freeze tag, duck-duck-goose, red light green light, keep away and incorporate them with soccer skills such as dribbling, passing and scoring goals. We encourage them to use their imagination and dribble as fast as rabbits or as slow as turtles or be spacemen exploring new planets, collecting space rocks.
Here are some sources and events that will introduce our youth to Soccer Culture in the United States:

Watch the games on TV (Fox Soccer Channel, ESPN, GOLTV, etc). America has Major League Soccer (MLS), England has Barclays Premier League, Italy, South America, etc.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is now playing from June 26 – July 17 in Germany. Team USA already won their first match against North Korea 2-0!

JULY – Several Club Friendly Games are being played all over the United States in Seattle, Washington DC, Chicago and right here in Los Angeles. Our own LA Galaxy is hosting Real Madrid on July 16th and Manchester City on July 24th! Here’s a great chance to catch Soccer Fever! For a full soccer schedule online or tv, click here.

Check out our Soccer Shots’ Fall School and Park Programs (park schedule will be announced on Facebook)! It’s a great skills program that compliments AYSO and other City and Club Programs!

See ya on the field!

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