SSLA Leadership Announcement

AndyBaenaBW SSLA Leadership Announcement

I am pleased to announce that we have added a new position to our leadership team. This is a role that until this month did not exist but one that Alyssa and I feel is necessary in order for our program to continue to grow and improve.

Andy Baena joined our team two years ago coaching just a few classes per week. He was a good coach who had the skills we were looking for but also had plenty to learn. Fortunately he was aware of areas where he could improve, paid close attention to quality people around him, and was eager to learn and improve. This curiosity is a skill that he possesses to this day and one that is highly valued.

Just last year he accepted the position of Assistant Director and began showing serious passion, dedication, and growth within our organization. Coach Andy in one of the finest youth coaches in Los Angeles, no doubt. This is not just my opinion. Andy has the overwhelming support and trust of our team of coaches and directors. And according to the families and schools that we serve Andy is truly remarkable.

Andy is a leader. He leads by example, with the way that he conducts himself in every class with the children, every conversation with parents, and every interaction with our team.

Andy has the rare combination of just having “it” with the kids, charming the staff at the sites that we serve, and amazing the parents of the children in our program.

I am pleased that Andy is now the Executive Director of Soccer Shots Los Angeles. Andy will oversee all facets of the business. He will focus heavily on SSLA team leadership, this includes communicating and reinforcing the SSLA vision and core values, supporting SSLA directors, as well as coach recruiting/training/mentoring. In addition, Andy will oversee all accounts to ensure the development, quality, and performance at schools and parks.

Congratulations Andy. You have earned it. Now let’s get back to work!