SSLA Team Announcement!

AlyssaMcGarigal SSLA Team Announcement!

I have an important and exciting announcement to make!

Most of you know and have worked with Alyssa McGarigal (if you haven’t you will soon). Alyssa has been coach / lead coach with SSLA over the past 20+ months and is now stepping into a new role with us. Having completed her Masters in Counseling from LMU (graduation is next week, Congratulations!) Alyssa is now Director of Program + Community Advancement. Alyssa is a truly remarkable person and I could not be happier about this announcement. All of us will benefit from the expertise, dedication, and passion that she brings to our organization.

We have an amazing team and I am confident that Alyssa brings a set of skills that will advance our program to an even higher level.

She will be responsible for a number of projects, a few examples are:

1) Coach Development (Hiring, Training, Observing, Etc.).
2) Program Development and Research (Represent, advocate, and explain SS to current staff, schools, and organizations)
3) Develop and Oversee the development of camps and park classes.
4) Program Ambassador (Effectively communicate SSLA mission and vision to staff, parents, site directors, and other community members).

More details and information will come from Alyssa and myself in the coming days and weeks, if you have any questions please contact me anytime.

Please join me in congratulating Alyssa and welcoming her into her new role