Video: Soccer Shots Spaceship Game

(Guest post from Soccer Shots Franchising)

We believe that soccer, the world’s greatest game, can be introduced in really creative and exciting ways to kids ages 3-8.

Kids who play soccer are exposed to great fitness habits like running, character forming lessons such as teamwork and tons of fun.

We teach the beautiful game by mixing skills with games, so kids have a great time every week at their park, club or preschool soccer class.

Soccer Shots offers a variety of games that give kids a chance to show off what they’re learning. The “Shooting Stars” game allows kids to demonstrate their new-found knowledge of dribbling, control, and shooting. Their mission is to dribble around the area, control their ball next to a cone, and knock it over by shooting the ball. To make the kids focus even more on their dribbling and control, the instructors will act as aliens to try and defend the cones, forcing the kids to try and avoid obstacles in order to knock down all the cones.

Playing soccer based games with kids is a great way to let kids be creative, use their imagination, and have fun as they pretend to be spaceships shooting soccer balls at asteroids and aliens in outer space. If you want to do this in your own backyard, cones can be found at your nearest sports store. They’re inexpensive and a worthwhile investment as you help your child enjoy soccer, the world’s greatest game!

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