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Building Confidence

“My son was 4 years old when I first took him to a free trial class of Soccer Shots last fall. He was shy in a new environment but the Coaches were very friendly and encouraging and the non-competitive approach is just what he needed to come out of his shell. You can’t go wrong when one of the rules is to ‘Have Fun’! At the end of the first class, I was telling him how proud I was that he tried something new and he said, “You know what, Mommy? I’m proud of myself!” I had never heard my son say anything like that before and knew immediately that this was a great program for him. In just one hour, my son’s confidence had been lifted to a new level and this was a completely new activity for him! The Coaches (especially Coach Charlie) have a great way of encouraging each child, keeping them focused, yet making it fun all at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, my son’s confidence continued to grow, his coordination improved and he learned valuable social skills. The difference from his first class to the last was night and day. We immediately signed him up again for the winter session. He looks forward to class each weekend and loves the stamps at the end of each session. Soccer Shots is a great, affordable program and I can’t recommend it enough!”
– Melissa A. (parent at Cheviot Hills Park)

“Delaney will really miss your course. She has gone from being a little shy and not wanting to participate the first class, to loving it and being proud she was the bee that brought the honey to the bear. Please thank Coach Paul for all his hard work and effort!”
-Julie (parent at Creative Children Preschool in Woodland Hills)

Preparing for AYSO & Leagues

“Our daughter Maya scored all 5 of her AYSO team’s goals today! Its her 3rd game and in every game so far she is the high scorer. Amazing! Just wanted to share… Coach Dave is the best, she is learning so much from him and really standing out on her AYSO team. thanks so much!”
– Michelle

“His first (AYSO) game was today and he did incredible! He went after the ball, played great defense and scored 2 goals! It was awesome. Thanks again to you, Juan and the others for coaching him so well.”
– Mother of 2 children.

Positive Behavior Support

“I want to tell you how much my son looks forward to Soccer Shots at Lincoln CDC — on Monday he woke up and asked, “Is today Soccer shots?” and I had to tell him no it’s on Wednesdays!

I appreciate how your coaches are giving specific praises now (instead of only high fives, for example) — I noticed on the Soccer Shots FB page a post about positive behavior support and how that helps encourage children and more important, help them get self-motivated. It’s great that your coaches are implementing these principles with our young children — noticing what they are doing right and praising their specific actions. Difference between dumps ? Read here

Please pass along my compliments to your coaches — our instructors notice and I as a parent notice the enthusiasm and care your coaches put forth in teaching through Soccer Shots.

I’m so happy that I signed my son up with soccer shots and I hope you continue this program into kindergarten at Lincoln elementary — if you do, I am signing him up for the coming school year!”
– Jane (parent at Lincoln CDC)

Positive Structured Soccer Program

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your support in getting our soccer class off the ground. My daughter, Triniti, Mikey’s mom, was a soccer coach and she was very impressed with your program:  the class structure and all of you coaches. As well, the feedback that I received from the mom’s at the class was very positive.”
– Bhakti (parent at Hazeltine park program)

Organized, professionally run -warm, caring, developmentally aware, positive coaches -fun! -every child at every level can benefit…builds confidence and self esteem as well as basic skills and sportsmanship -we LOVE Soccer Shots!
– Ilan Ramon Day School

Coaches As Mentors & Heroes

“FYI, Aneel really enjoys his class with you. He lives his week from Wednesday to Wednesday. I once asked him how his class was and that his ‘teacher’ taught that day and his immediate reaction was ‘its coach Paul, not teacher!’, so now I am careful and refer to you as Coach :). Thank you for bringing him out of his shell.”
– Jasmine (parent at Creative Children Preschool in Woodland Hills)