Welcome Coach Danny! (San Fernando Valley)

DannySanchez 232x300 Welcome Coach Danny! (San Fernando Valley)

Danny was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and has been playing soccer since the age of 5. AYSO is were it all started, ever since the first day he first stepped onto the soccer field, it was love at first sight.

He has played in various soccer clubs including for his high school. Soccer has been a great influence on his life and has taught him great life skills, including commitment, teamwork, and responsibility that he uses to this day.

Danny is currently a junior CSUN, majoring in criminology.

“Soccer has helped me so much throughout my life, I am always willing to give back to the community, especially to our youth. And what better way then through the sport of soccer.”

Danny is excited to share his passion for soccer and to be a part of Soccer Shots.