Why We Do What We Do

The message below was sent to us by a parent at Lincoln CDC in Redondo Beach. I love that she notices how our coaches give “specific phrases” in addition to just high fives as well as the “positive behavior support” that our coaches use to encourage children. When we talk about “Stronger Youth. Beyond The Game.” this is a big part of it.

“I want to tell you how much my son looks forward to Soccer Shots at Lincoln CDC — on Monday he woke up and asked, “Is today Soccer shots?” and I had to tell him no it’s on Wednesdays!

I appreciate how your coaches are giving specific praises now (instead of only high fives, for example) — I noticed on the Soccer Shots FB page a post about positive behavior support and how that helps encourage children and more important, help them get self-motivated. It’s great that your coaches are implementing these principles with our young children — noticing what they are doing right and praising their specific actions.

Please pass along my compliments to your coaches — our instructors notice and I as a parent notice the enthusiasm and care your coaches put forth in teaching through Soccer Shots.

I’m so happy that I signed my son up with soccer shots and I hope you continue this program into kindergarten at Lincoln elementary — if you do, I am signing him up for the coming school year!”